About Us

Convergent Media Consulting is a Bertold Heil company.

We are supporting businesses during all stages of their digital transformation journey. Strengthening our customers’ abilities to take advantage of business opportunities available from today’s media, telecommunications and technology ecosystems is at the heart of our consulting approach.

Together, we create bespoke strategies, business models, innovations and professionally orchestrate their execution in our clients’ organizations and markets. Thus, we make measurable contributions to our clients’ success.

Convergent Media Consulting provides both management consultancy as well as interim management services.


Longstanding experiences. We draw on years of senior management and consulting experience, in depth understanding of digital transformation and hands on insights into digital media, broadcasting, telecoms and premium sports markets.

Broad solution focus: We are pragmatic generalists, our clients can take advantage of our vast managerial experience, our comprehensive market insights, proven methodologies and our understanding of technology.

In depth market insights. We understand our clients’ markets, their competitors, their rising global challengers, hence, we will be able to draw the smartest conclusions.

Ready to execute strategies. Our bespoke entrepreneurial, strategic approaches enable our clients to grab the opportunities provided by digital transformation and to master complex change successfully.

Accountable advisers. Upon request, we assume responsibilities for the proper execution of ambitious strategies and measures – both as consultants as well as interim managers.

Dedicated to your success. Our clients’ success and satisfaction are our top priorities – we will at all times share our individual and professional resources in the pursuit of these goals.

Dr. Bertold Heil

  • is the founder and owner of Vienna based Convergent Media Consulting. More than 20 years in media, digital telecoms and beyond, have provided him with profound insights into the key dimensions of success in these markets: strategy, organization and technology.
  • is an experienced consultant and manager. Prior to founding Convergent Media Consulting, he was a member of the management executive of a European broadcast network operator group as well as a management consultant with some of the leading brands in consulting worldwide.
  • holds a Ph.D. in strategic management and a German MBA equivalent graduate degree. At an earlier stage of his education, he completed a formal apprenticeship to become wholesale and export merchant.
  • took advantage of being a manager and consultant in industries built on technology by deepening his thorough understanding of those core technologies that determine success in today’s digital, telecommunications and broadcast markets.
  • feels comfortable both in German and English language working environments.
  • has worked with clients and business partners in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. His consulting client rooster lists numerous public and commercial broadcasters, key players in tech, media and telecoms as well from professional sports backgrounds.


We can draw from a longstanding network of experienced professionals who are ready to contributing their distinct skills and their vast professional experiences, gained both as members of top management teams as well as consultants.

Depending on our client’s situation, we will staff individuals who fit into the client team or deploy a well-balanced team of professionals, discriminately selected from our personal network.

Our bespoke approaches fully reflect and flexibly scale in line with our clients’ business needs. Thus, we assume full quality and commercial responsibility for all services provided.