Client cases

As your consultants, we always want to be part of the solution and never add to your problems. It is at the core of our DNA to analyse our clients’ goals and challenges thoroughly, identify the most effective solutions and jointly deploy these remedies in their day to day business environments.

The selected client case citations below reflect both our whole spectrum of experiences as well as our specific strengths, methodologies, technology and industry know how, we provide to our clients, supporting them in facing their entrepreneurial challenges successfully. In case you are interested in additional citations, please get in touch with us.

Premium sports – media rights tender generates several billions in revenues

For several years now, one of the most valuable global sports franchises relies on our consulting services in the context of their regularly recurring audiovisual media rights tender.

Broadcast technology, convergence, and public service broadcasting

A public service broadcaster’s license fee collecting organization was faced with an increasing number of homes receiving public service programs by means of IP streaming only, thus being exempt from payment of the license fee by national law. Based on a thorough analysis of the current state of broadcast-, streaming technologies and related business models, we concluded, that both distribution and reception technologies have already reached equal performance levels today. Consequently, there is no legitimate reason to continue exempting streaming only homes from contributing to financing public service media though.

Mobile communications – network operator opts for OTT video platform as a service

We assisted a leading mobile network operator’s management team in taking the go to market decision for a consumer OTT TV streaming service. During the execution phase, we supported product management and procurement by preparing professional tender documents (RFQ/RFP) and a long list of OTT video platform service providers. We have also been part of all subsequent phases of the tender process, including the best bidding vendor selection.

Internationalization strategy pay-tv & AVOD platform

We supported a national paid media champion and technology leader in their decision to enter new markets beyond their established home base. We conducted thorough investigations into the current situation in target countries’ pay-tv and SVOD markets, availability of premium media rights, market developments of free tv broadcasters, tv-platforms and providers of fix / mobile broadband internet access. Thus, together with our client’s management team, we were able to build bespoke alternative strategic go to market scenarios.

5G broadcast vs. 5G streaming – potential successor technologies of current broadcast networks?

Public service media companies in several countries are challenged today to take decisions on which technologies hold the highest potential to replace their existing radio- and tv-broadcast networks in the long run. We supported a renowned international strategy consultancy, by mandate of a public service broadcaster, to evaluate the technical and economic benefits of migrating either to 5G FeMBMS (“5G broadcast”) or to 5G New Radio (“5G mobile broadband”). External factors have also been taken into consideration, e.g., the outcome of the 2023 World Radio Conference and consecutive effects on broadcast frequency availability. The alternative techno-economic use cases we developed provided our client with a sound basis for choosing between alternative distribution network strategies and their resulting digital business model innovation potential.

IT-Services – Market leader builds video production as a service portfolio

We have been embedded into the project team of global infrastructure operator and ICT service provider. The company was considering a first time go to market strategy with an ICT service portfolio fit for professional video publishers in audiovisual media market segments and in all sorts of corporate video publishing settings.

We contributed to strategy development, internal execution and business development. In a comprehensive strategy and business case development process, we empowered the customer’s team by providing comprehensive insight into market dynamics, processes, business models, video tech vendors and use cases.

During execution, we have been involved in video tech vendor- and system integrator selection and partnering discussions. In that role, we introduced our customers to potential partners, prepared and facilitated initial talks with vendors or target customers. Within a few months, our customer was able to offer professional video production “as a service”-solutions and, more importantly, sign and deliver the first commercial service contracts.

Professional football – Top team wins competitive advantage in dynamic league environment

Our client faced fundamental changes in key elements of their national league’s framework (media rights contract, revenue distribution, league modus, carve out, sponsoring, digital media). We provided the team’s senior management with in depth analysis of international league and team strategies defined by similar conditions. We supported the process of applying these insights to the actual situation in their market and of developing alternative strategy approaches.

Based on our business modeling and strategy work, the team’s senior management was able to select to best strategy, execute the approach selected in league decision making processes immediately and achieve a substantial commercial gain in the end.

Broadcast distribution services – Broadcast network operator grows in a disruptive market environment

Changes in regulation and other key market conditions had forced our client to reconsider strategies in two of their core business branches. In order to mitigate the substantial losses of revenue that resulted from these changes, our client needed a better understanding of how players in international markets have been able to cope with similar changes.

We looked at which strategies and business models worked, which preconditions for success applied in those markets and whether they can be re-created at home. Based on our strategic advice, our customer was able to identify and to tab into new revenue potentials.

Examples for the strategies executed include but are not limited to the conversion of obsolete network infrastructures to new commercial use cases, application of original core competences to evolving markets, for example the internet of things, public safety radio or 5G.

TV- & digital video production – International broadcaster invests in TV production business in Germany

One of the leading global TV organizations was considering setting up proper TV production facilities in Germany. Initial discussions in our client’s management team lead to the conclusion that the level of vital market information was insufficient to take an informed decision.

We supported our client’s decision-making process with a comprehensive analysis of the German TV production market and related strategic advice. Thus, we created competitor briefings, outlined the terms of trade, rough sketches of genre trends, key TV broadcasters’ content sourcing and production strategies. Based on that work, we recommended the strategic approach for implementation that was selected for execution by the client’s top management team.

Telecoms – Successful transformation of a network operator into an ICT service provider

High market shares and ARPU, low level of churn in the business customer segment outline the challenging conditions for growth of our customer’s regional fiber and cable TV network business. We worked closely with the CEO and other members of the top management team and identified several strategic gaps in their existing solutions portfolio, product- and service innovation pipeline and current network infrastructures.

Drawing on bespoke analysis prepared by Convergent Media Consulting, our client was able to take advantage of our insights into international role models and winning strategies for the sake of their own strategy development process. We also contributed measures fit for immediate execution by product management, IT-service branch and sales organization, such as improvements of the product management process, complementing the existing portfolio with additional IT-infrastructures, -services and -solutions as well as elaborated telecoms solutions.

Media Regulator – Difficult market environment for launching DAB+ in Austria

Several FM radio stations lobbied Austrian regulator KommAustria in favor of establishing the regulatory framework needed to building and operating DAB+ radio networks all over Austria. Other players with considerable cloud stood in strong opposition to that request.

Convergent Media Consulting conducted an unbiased, comprehensive analysis of the Austrian FM radio market. Drawing on the results of interviews with all major organizations in the Austrian FM radio market, we were able to structure the entrepreneurial reasoning in favor and against a DAB+ launch. The potential impact of a DAB+ launch could not be derived from the radio stations’ points of view. For the sake of providing more objective criteria for the regulator’s decision, we analyzed, among others, case studies describing the state of several international DAB+ markets’ development and the key drivers of success in these countries, consumer adoption of IP streaming radio services, the potential impact of alternative broadcast technologies.

Using this robust information base, we developed alternative market launch scenarios and outlined both potential strategies, business cases as well as the preconditions required for a successful launch of a sustainable DAB+ radio market in Austria.

Our work was basis for the decision-making process of media policymakers, regulators, DAB+ network operator and radio station investment cases in Austria and was well received internationally too.

Public broadcasting – Transforming organizational silos into crossmedia production units

One of the biggest public broadcasters worldwide was in the process to adapt the aged and inflexible CTO organization to the changing needs of its internal customers and to better reflect developing budget constraints. We supported the CTO and his management team in the process of reorganizing the legacy TV-, radio and internet technical production “silos” in such a way, that the new crossmedia storytelling approach pursued by the broadcaster’s editorial teams was fully supported by workflows and technical solutions in place.

In the process, we identified saving potentials across several categories of cost and developed cost cutting measures that have later been executed following top management’s decision.