Convergent Media Consulting provides both management consultancy as well as interim management services.

Strategy development

We support our clients in their strategy development efforts both on corporate and business unit level.

We contribute bespoke strategies based on thorough analysis and entrepreneurial experience. Whether it is a question of how to successfully mitigate risk and handle competitive threats or of business model innovation, diversification or of finding the right approach to digital ecosystems, we want to be on your team.

Strategy execution

Years in senior management roles, being accountable for profit and loss in high stake ventures and numerous consulting assignments with a focus on execution, have sometimes taught us the hard way what it takes to execute strategies successfully. More important, we know a lot about the mistakes in strategy execution and how to avoid them.

Thus, when it comes down to setting up new business units, getting ambitious business development jobs done or running an M&A process from target identification to closing, we have all it takes to be your consultant or interim manager.

Organizational change

In today’s global economy, organizations are under constant pressure to improve or to perish more than ever: Shareholders, regulators or supervisory bodies, they all require organizations to contribute to bottom line growth, get rid of long-established organizational silos or to take advantage of favorable market developments and innovation more quickly.

There is no simple way to achieving these goals. Occasionally, dysfunctional structures and processes can be reconfigured, sometimes setting up a separate new entity will be the best solution.

We know what it takes to handle organizational change successfully – either transforming organizations from traditional to agile, business process design, spinning off service- and infrastructure units, post-merger integration or setting up a new venture’s organization from scratch.

Monetizing technical innovation

Mastering technology and technical innovation are critical skills of successful media enterprises, rights owners, broadcast- and telecommunication companies. As the speed of technological change and the number of mission critical technologies grows, so does the importance for businesses to keep up with the latest technological change, evolving use cases, applications and to assess the strategic impact on ones’ competitiveness timely and correctly.

Convergent Media Consulting will be there for your business, when it comes down to identifying those technologies with the highest potential for e.g. innovation, top- and bottom-line growth, for fostering customer loyalty or achieving a sustainable competitive edge. We are constantly monitoring developments of technologies with relevance to our clients’ industries and pay special attention to technologies which may pose a disruptive threat to these markets and their current players.